A.Z. Building Maintenance LLC
Janitorial and Cleaning Services

A.Z. Building Maintenance, LLC, is dedicated to providing affordable Janitorial services to help you maintain a clean and safe environment. AZBM understands how important a clean, organized and well maintained work environment is to moral and productivity of your staff. AZBM promotes innovative janitorial service and is dedicated to Green Cleaning for a healthy work setting. We will develop a specific plan for you where you can be assured that the cleaning requirements as set by your business or building use and size are specific to insure optimum quality and meet your budget needs.

Your confidence in A.Z. Building Maintenance, LLC, is well placed, as we are fully insured, bonded, and licensed.

A.Z. Building Maintenance, LLC, is specialized in all aspects of janitorial service. To fulfill your janitorial goals, we set services by task and frequency while remaining cost effective. AZBM janitorial services includes basic and specialized cleaning.

AZ Building Maintenance Salt Lake City Utah

Various options for cleaning frequency are:
daily, bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, or as per demand.

Green Cleaning

The term “Green Cleaning” refers to cleaning methods and products with environmentally friendly ingredients designed to preserve human and environmental health. A.Z. Building Maintenance LLC values our planet and strives to reduce waste and toxic emissions in all our endeavors. We aim to only use products free of chemically reactive and toxic agents which can cause respiratory and dermatological problems for both our clients and staff. We are also dedicated to recycling and lessening the use of wasteful products such as paper towels. We use microfiber cloths for dusting and other re-usable materials which get the job done right each time but are much friendlier for our clients and our planet.
It is our belief at A.Z. Building Maintenance LLC that all efforts put into conserving the environment count towards a healthier population for the future.

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